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Tony Bradley, CEO & Portfolio Manager

Tony began his career in July 1987 as a trainee foreign exchange dealer in the corporate treasury of Goodman Fielder, where he gained a solid grounding in spot, forwards, options, and technical analysis.  The inevitable move to a dealing room came in 1990 when he joined Societe Generale spot desk.  Tony noticed a void (for a French bank) in the EMS currencies, and in particular the French franc, and he built a thriving spot business.  With the EMS crises of August 1992 and September 1993 came profitability and global recognition, given that  Soc Gen Sydney was the only price-maker globally for all EMS currencies on a Monday morning for 5 hours, and the Asian leader in the Far East timezone.  In 1994, Tony accepted a position with AIG in New York as the spot DEM/FFR trader, and a year later moved to Singapore with Soc Gen as he started a family.  A brief stint with Standard Chartered in 1996 was followed by a defining role at UBS (after the merger with Swiss Bank), eventually becoming Chief Dealer of a desk of 14 by 1999.  With the advent of the euro, Tony moved to Chase Singapore to trade JPY and back to Sydney to trade the $A.  In 2001, he moved to Tokyo with Credit Suisse and traded the euro and Swiss franc books.  After 2 years, the desk relocated to Singapore where he stayed until 2007 and returned home for family reasons, and ran WestLB's Asian spot operations.  In 2009, he went to Westpac to trade spot G10 currencies, and left in October 2011 to join David Campbell, who Tony had worked with at Societe Generale and Chase Manhattan, and create Hunter Burton Capital.  After nearly 7 years together, David left HBC to form his own company.