About Us

Hunter Burton Capital is a global macro discretionary hedge fund only trading in the major currency markets.  Investment is open to Sophisticated Investors, as defined by the Australian Corporations Act of 2001.  Minimum managed amount (after including the leverage factor) is A$100,000.  Your money will be placed in a third-party segregated account through our broker in Australian dollars.  Our fee structure is 1% per year, payable on the monthly closing balance, and 20% of all profits payable quarterly in arrears, with a high-water mark. We aim to achieve the highest possible returns for our investors using our vast experience in the markets and a rigid set of money-management principles.

Our core values are as follows:

Integrity:              No matter how hard, we will always do the right thing.
Discipline:         The key to our success in trading the markets.
Trust:                   It is essential our investors can trust us to act in their best interests.
Respect:             We have respect for each other, our investors, and our community.

Other values that are important to Hunter Burton Capital include transparency, patience, flexibility, diligence, and philanthropy.

Please CLICK HERE for a PDF download of our full Terms & Conditions.