About Us

Hunter Burton Capital is a global macro discretionary hedge fund only trading in the major currency markets.  Investment is open to Sophisticated Investors, as defined by the Australian Corporations Act of 2001.  Minimum investment is A$100,000.  Your money will be placed in a third-party segregated account through our broker in Australian dollars.  Our fee structure is 1% per year, payable on the monthly closing balance, and 20% of all profits payable quarterly in arrears, with a high-water mark. We aim to achieve the highest possible returns for our investors using our vast experience in the markets and a rigid set of money-management principles.

Our core values are as follows:

Integrity:              No matter how hard, we will always do the right thing.
Discipline:         The key to our success in trading the markets.
Trust:                   It is essential our investors can trust us to act in their best interests.
Respect:             We have respect for each other, our investors, and our community.

Other values that are important to Hunter Burton Capital include transparency, patience, flexibility, diligence, and philanthropy.

Please CLICK HERE for a PDF download of our full Terms & Conditions.